About Climate & Mind

We aim to explore how climate change impacts our thoughts, emotions, and behavior. We bring together resources and ideas from a range of disciplines (including social work, psychology, public health, education, anthropology, disaster mental health, and more) to help improve understanding and discussion about how humans cope with climate change and other ecological crises.

About Our Name

At its most basic, our use of the word “Mind” points to mental health and well-being. That is, how climate disruption can impact our mental well-being via trauma, anxiety, depression, grief, and dissociation on one hand; and coping, resilience, and action on the other. Mind, here, is shorthand for human experience, and includes the heart; the psyche; our sense of ground; our sense of place; and our relationships with others.

Furthermore, we view Mind broadly to include not just individual experience, but also the health, well-being, and resilience of groups, communities, and societies in the face of severe environmental crisis.

About Us

Climate & Mind is managed by Andrew Bryant, a clinical social worker and psychotherapist in Seattle, Washington, USA. In addition to work on this project, Andrew is a therapist at North Seattle Therapy & Counseling.

If you have any questions or thoughts, or would like to contribute to this project, please contact us at: climateandmind@gmail.com.